Professional antique furniture restoration, repair and refinish workshop Professional antique furniture restoration, repair and refinish workshop


​​Chris Kokinakis has had a lifelong fascination with antique furniture and the craftsmanship of furniture made long ago.  "My attraction to antique furniture is that it is an original, unique piece that speaks volumes - it's history, beauty, and craftsmanship.  I am privileged to work on something that has been through generations of families and the only way to honor a piece is to bring it back as close to possible to its original condition."

I have been restoring and repairing antiques and furniture since 1985.  My passion and area of expertise is the repair, restoration, and preservation of  European antiques, although, I repair all types of furniture, old and new.  I am also well versed in painted and special finishes as well as custom built furniture.

In 2000, I went to work for Carl Moore Antiques, a long
standing, distinguished antique retailer in Houston, Texas. As the restoration manager and head restorer, I further honed my craft of restoring fine European and Asian antiques, custom finishes and custom built furniture.  I also excelled at timely turn around of the daily output of finshed and restored pieces.

In 2014, I decided to fulfill a lifelong dream - to open an antique restoration firm.  I have enjoyed being able to meet many different clients, all with different furniture restoration challenges, including the restoration of several beautiful pieces from a fire and the Memorial Day and Tax Day floods.  I continue to work closely with many prominent antique dealers and interior designers, as well as, several docents for Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens.

My philosophy is to restore with the smallest footprint
possible - to keep as close to the original finish as feasible.
We do not strip furniture unless it is totally necessary or
requested - it is a last resort.  Existing finishes should be left
in place, unless they are clearly inappropriate to the piece or
so damaged that they do not serve aesthetic enhancement,
surface protection, or provision of a historical record.

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Chris Kokinakis owner